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Automatic Pallet hood machine

Automatic Pallet hood machine
 Download Video for Machine:
This machine is used for wrapping goods on pallet with cold stretch hood film as material. The stretch system of the machine works without heat. The top of hood film iscut and sealed,four grippers of the machine extend the film from 4 directions to hood the goods from top to bottom,so the 5-closed wrapping is done. Comparing with hot shrinking wrapping machine, this machine has features of low energy consumption and high production efficiency
We make proposal according to customer special requirement. The common equipments is as follows:
Pallet dimensions (length x width):
1200 X 800mm
Palletized load dimensions(length x width) :
1200 X 800mm
Height of pallet:
Direction of the pallet advance
Long-side parallels conveyor line, and short-side is perpendicular to conveyor line.
Speed of the pallet
0-10m/min(frequency control of motor speed)
Height of conveyor from ground to working face:
Bags on pallet(25kg/bag)
Maximum goods height(except pallet):
Max 1200mm
Maximum weight of palletized load :
Max 1500kg
Position of film releasing:
Industrial production line capacity:
140 Pallets/h
Machine Description,
    1.Center Roller/Chain conveyor
    2.Grippers loaction will be adjusted by loads dimension
    3.Double sealing device,incl heating wire,Teflon.Temperature can be adjusted
    4.Cutter cut film by cylinder,easy and fast
    5.Hooding control curl and release film by motors