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Pallet Shrinking Wrapping machine

Pallet Shrinking Wrapping machine
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The wrapping line mainly consists of hooding machine and shrinking oven. Hooding machine wraps the goods on pallet with “M“ type PE film. Shrinking oven works with electric heating tubes to make the film shrink.Thencomplete packing goods come out from the shrinking oven and move to the end of the assembly line.
We make proposal according to customer special requirement. The common equipments is as follows:
Pallet dimensions (length x width)            1200 X 800mm
Palletized load dimensions(length x width)1200 X 800mm
Height of goods(including pallet)              1120mm
Packaging speed                                     60~120pallet/h
Maximum weight ofpackage                     1800kg
Shrink temperature                                  ≤190ºC
Control system                                        PLC
Overall power                                         25-40kw
Air pressure                                            4-6kg/cm²
Standard voltage                                     380V AC
Net frequency                                        50 Hz.
Kind of consumable material                   M type shrinking tube film of PE material
Conveying mode Roller                           Station 3
Overall dimensions                                  6500×2500×4600mm