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San (Qingdao) Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in project consulting, machine supply and technical support for the following projects:
 1. Stock Preparation;
 2. Paper Production;
 3. Tissue Paper Production;
 4. Tissue Paper Converting;
 5. Paper Honeycomb Production;
 6. Paper Protector Production;
 7. Paper Tube Production;
 8. Paper Cup and Paper Plate Production;
 9. Cement Paper bag Production;
10. Match Box Production;
11. Paper Testing;
12. Wet Wipes Production;
13. Pallet Packing Machine;
14. Paper Drum/Barrel Making Machine;
We have lots of customers in Asia, South America, North America, Africa and Europe. We established fantastic reputation  from our high quality machine and good service.
We are expecting to develop good cooperation with you.
San (Qingdao) Machinery Co., Ltd. factory
San Enterprise Culture:
1. Vision and Mission: Make first class learning and happy company, and grow up with you.
2. Management philosophy: Responsible,leading, realistic.
3. Work style: attentive, rigorous, professional, persistent, simple.
4. Management method: rule by Legalism, manage by Confucianism and run by Taoism.
5. Ethics: To be a gentleman, to promote righteousness, to follow right way, to do right thing, to make honest money.
 San (Qingdao) Machinery Co., Ltd. teamSan (Qingdao) Machinery Co., Ltd. office
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